Super Villain Island Guide


This guide was written by Icy Fox.  Pictures by  Popular Runner.

Getting to the Prison

Once you arrive on Super Villain Island, jump to the next ledge up and walk left where you’ll find an entrance to the Control Room.

Super Villian Island Control Room

Enter it, then head to where it says “Office”.  When you enter you will see a control panel and various screens. On one of the screens is a man talking to the woman outside of the screen. After the conversation ends, head over and talk to the woman and ask her what’s going on. She will tell you that Dr. Jupiter (the man that was previously on-screen) wants her to send some of her workers to him, but she doesn’t  want to because the workers never return to her. Ask her if you can help, and she will say that you could go over there and report what’s happening there. If you agree, she will tell you that her chopper will pick you up and bring you to Dr. Jupiter.

Super Villian Island 2

Go outside, jump onto the roof, and click on the chopper to take off.

Super Villian Island Take off

Suddenly, it starts raining. You will ask the pilot where you’re going, and he says he isn’t authorized to answer questions. Then, he tells you thati it is too windy and you have to jump. You will then be parachuting, and make sure to dodge all the clouds and lightning bolts as you float to the water.

Super Villian Island 3

You will end up in the water near some rocks. Jump onto the first rock you see, then jump onto the next rock. Then jump upwards towards the next rock, then upwards again towards the next rock. Be careful as you jump up towards the next rock, because it is narrow.

Super Villian Island 4

The jump really far to the next rock, and then up to the next rock, and then one more rock, then jump up onto the surface. Walk left, you will see a security camera watching you and that there is no way to climb the tower. Jump to the right of the camera onto a rock and then jump left over the camera. A door will open. Enter it.

Super Villian Island 5

Now you will find out that the place is called Erewhon Prison. Ask the security guard to the right of you why Dr. Jupiter asked you there, and he will say that he’ll let Dr. Jupiter explain, and that if you know what’s good for you, you should turn around and leave. Now go to the right and ask the Security Guard if you can go in. He will say that you have to pass through security measures. Tell him that you’re ready and he will reply saying: “It’s your life…”

Super Villian Island 6

You will then jump in and he will wish you luck. First you will get examined by an x-ray machine, then another machine will scan you, you will then be disinfected by a cold shower, then you will be dried by giant hairdryers. After that, you will have your picture taken a like a criminal, and then you will earn a photo for your photo album.

Super Villian Island 7

Then enter the Guard Room and walk right towards the elevator. Now click the button to the right of the elevator and enter it.

Super Villian Island 9

On the way up you will see many villains from previous islands. Namely Copy Cat, Sir Rebral, Mr. Silva, Crusher, El Mustachio Grande, Ratman, Betty Jetty, and Gretchen Grimlock. You can click on them, and they’ll all say different things.

Super Villian Island 10

When you reach Dr. Jupiter’s office, he will tell you that you are about to be apart of a very important experiment. He will then activate the Dream Machine. You will then see Binary Bard, Captain Crawfish, Black Widow, and Dr. Hare inside the containers. At first, you think they’re going to attack and you tell Dr. Jupiter to watch out, but Dr. Jupiter informs you that all of them are fast asleep. He then tells you that inside of the minds of every super villain is a totem representing their evil, and that it’s your job to find them and remove them to rid them of their evil powers. He then guides you to the Dream Machine, and instructs you to collect the totems. So first, switch the dream machine to say  2. “Captain Crawfish” and then enter his dream.

Super Villian Island 11


Captain Crawfish’s Dream: Part 1 of ll

Once you enter Captain Crawfish’s dream you will find yourself in a ship called the H.M.S Seachicken. There are some transparent, ghost-like pirates that look identical to Captain Crawfish that are all sleeping, and you mustn’t wake them up or you will have to start over again. Jump onto a swinging light and avoid a pirate that is fast asleep on a bed, and then jump up on a shelf and collect the orange key.

Super Villian Island 12     Super Villian Island 13

Jump onto the other swinging light to your right. Then jump on the other one to avoid waking another sleeping pirate. Then hop up once more to avoid waking into the pirate on the rocking chair. You will find a bottle with a model ship inside. This is Captain Crawfish’s totem, but you’re too big to fit inside so don’t worry about that for now. Walk down the rope ladder and avoid the swinging anchor.  Jump over the pirate on the bed and you’ll see an orange chest. Open it and you will earn a Stopwatch you’ll need for Binary Bard’s dream. You will see another shelf, this time with a green key. Jump onto a swinging light and jump to collect the key. Now proceed around the room to the left and climb up the next rope ladder, avoiding the pirates and the anchor. Once you reach the top, you’ll see a green chest. Jump over the pirate and use the next swinging light as a platform to jump to where the chest is. Open the chest and you’ll receive a bottle of Grog-Brand Turpentine. Now you’ll exit the dream.



Dr. Hare’s Dream: Part 1 of ll

Enter Dr. Hare’s dream, and you will witness him being carried away by strange ants. They carry him into an anthill. You have a pickax, and you must use it to break through the area and find your way through the dirt. Just click on the part you want to break multiple times, until it breaks open. If there is an area with ants and you break it open, click on them as they get close and then hit them with your pickax. If an ant attacks you, it will lower your health. If you lose all of your health, you will have to start over. When you reach the bottom, you will fall into a hole, which will lead you to the second level. The second level is a bit harder than the first. There are blue ants that can break through the same walls you do, so try to avoid them, or hit them with your pickax if they get close. There are also diamond rocks, which you can’t break through yet as you need an item that you’ll get later from Binary Bard’s dream, so just avoid them for now. At one point you’ll fall through a pit and obtain an Empty Sprayer.  Now, just click “Wake Up.”


Black Widow’s Dream

Now that you have everything, enter Black Widow’s dream. You will see a messed up exhibition in an art museum. Go right and you will see her. Say the third option, and she will say the only one worth looking at is the one she painted. You will see vandalized paintings that you will need to clean up, so fill the Empty Sprayer with the Grog-Brand Turpentine.  Black Widow will realize what you’re doing. She’ll send a bunch of spiders to hang down and attack you. However, they aren’t much of a problem. Click on the Three Musicians painting (the one that says “UGLY”.) to go inside. Click on the red letters multiple times to remove them. After you’re finished removing the letters, the spiders will disappear. Now, go to the top left corner and jump up to get the Shrinking Potion you need for Captain Crawfish’s dream. Now, exit the painting and Black Widow will get mad. Now, go inside of the Starry Night painting. (The one that says “TRASH”.) and do the same thing. Then, go to the top right corner of the painting, you will see a key ring. Jump onto it to receive the Crystal Key, which you will need for Binary Bard’s dream. Exit the painting, and she will get mad again. Now, go inside of the Water Lilies painting and do the same thing you did for the previous two. There is no item inside the painting, so just exit once you finish removing all of the letters. Then, she will say that she won’t let you destroy her work. She will then start running, trying to hit you. Let her hit you, and while she’s laughing, spray her self-portrait. It will melt, she will disappear, and all that’ll be left is her Paintbrush Totem. Click on it to collect it, and then you’ll exit the dream.


Binary Bard’s Dream

Now that you have the two items you need,  enter Binary Bard’s dream.  You will see Mordred, before he was the Binary Bard. You ask him what’s going on, and he says he’s trapped in the room, because the door seems to have a mind of it’s own. It is opening and closing over and over really fast. Use your Stopwatch you obtained earlier from Captain Crawfish’s dream to freeze time when the door starts opening. Mordred will run through. You follow him, and the door shuts behind you. This room is filled with broken machines and torn pictures. Freeze time again and do the same thing. You will now be in a room with a Merlin blueprint. The blueprint comes alive, only larger with red eyes. It tries to carry you into the clouds, but you run off.   Next, a Mechanical Mouse blueprint comes to life and tries to pick you up and carry you away. Instead of a door, there’s a wall with an opening at the top, but you can’t reach it. Freeze time when the mechanical mouse picks you up near the wall. Jump up into the opening.  You will see a vault with a Binary Bard suit. The bionic eye will then light up. Now enter the door, and you will find yourself in a room with a bunch of platforms with a standing platform on one side and a bunch of spikes on the other side. Freeze time on each one to stand on the platform side. Keep doing this until you reach the end. Near the end of this, you will find a Diamond Drill you’ll need for Dr. Hare’s Dream. Now you’ll find a doorway to the real inside of the vault. Use the Crystal Key to open it, and then go inside. You go in and see Mordred turn into Binary Bard inside a pod in a giant clock. From the top left of this room, jump down right to the platform at the “9″ on the clock. Binary Bard will throw blades at you. The goal of this is to use the Stopwatch whenever the hands of the clock stop and spark on different numbers. When you see that, be ready to hit the spacebar quickly.  If you can time it right, the sparks will zap Binary Bard. Do this three times to make the Binary Bard drop his Astrolabe Totem.  Then, you’ll exit the dream.



Captain Crawfish’s Dream: Part ll of ll

Go back to Captain Crawfish’s Dream. Go back to the ship in the bottle, and use the Shrinking Potion to enter it. Once inside, you will be in the model ship totem. There are more sleeping pirates here, and they’re all near cannons. You must find a way to break open the bottle to get the totem. What you have to do is click on the trapdoors to trap two pirates (on the upper left) when they’re inside the bins. Try not to touch them or you’ll have to start over. When they’re both inside the bin, jump down and wait for the pirate to move off-screen. Then, fire the cannon to shatter the bottle. You will obtain the Model Ship Totem, then you’ll exit the dream.


Dr. Hare’s Dream: Part ll of ll

Go back into Dr. Hare’s Dream and equip the Diamond Drill to break through the diamond rock. Soon, you will end up in the Ants’ lair. You will see that Dr. Hare is trapped in the dirt. Keep breaking through until you discover Dr. Hare’s Golden Carrot Totem. Then go to the tunnel at the bottom, and it will lead you to the surface. You will pop out of the anthill with Dr. Hare, and he will say that this isn’t how the dream usually ends, and he’s glad. Then he runs off, and you exit the dream.


The Final Battle

After you exit, you will give Dr. Jupiter the totems you collected, you will tell him that you’d better destroy the totems. But he says he has other plans. Then he reveals himself as Zeus. He says that with the totems, he will finally rule Poptropica. A cut scene is then shown as Zeus blasts out of Erewhon and you and the villains fall into the sea. You and the villains swim away, but suddenly a rumble comes out from below the surface and you see Poseidon! Click on him and ask him for help, but he will tell you this is your mess to clean up, and gives you his trident. Then during another cut-scene, you’ll see some of the islands have been destroyed by Zeus. (Namely Mythology Island, Mystery Train, and Shark Tooth Island.) Then the final battle will begin. Before you start to attack Zeus, destroy the totems while avoiding the powers he has from the totems. ( Flaming rocks that fall from the sky, and cloud cannons that shoot cannonballs from a distance.) After they’ve been destroyed, the power of the totems will no longer be available to Zeus. The totems can be found in these areas:

  1. Captain Crawfish’s Model Pirate Ship Totem is found in the pedestal of the statue.
  2. Black Widow’s Paintbrush Totem can be found in the top of the Bible.
  3. Dr. Hare’s Golden Carrot Totem is in the torch.
  4.  Binary Bard’s Astrolabe Totem is in Zeus’ chest in the statue.

You’ll see little pink clouds floating around. Collect them so that you  don’t run out of clouds and fall into the sea. After you drop out all the totems, start shooting Zeus until he runs out of clouds and gets fed up. He then enters the statue and uses it’s eyes to send frequent blasts of lightning. Keep shooting the statues eyes until they go blank and Zeus comes out and falls into the ocean. You go back to Erewhon and the guards lock Zeus up into the Dream Machine and gives you the island medallion.


Congratulations, you’ve completed Super Villain Island!








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