Reality TV Island

This walkthrough is written by Icy Fox.   Pictures by Brave Dolphin.

Once you land on Reality TV Island, run to the right and go to the TV World store.


Jump on the top platform and talk to the person there. He/She  will tell you to change the channel.


Click the green button on the biggest TV, and then you’ll see an ad for the show giving an address to send applications to.


Note: Balloon Boy from Counterfeit Island is on the TVs, before you turn the channel.

Exit TV World, go to Mike’s Market, and go to the right where there is a man reading a magazine.


Click on him, and he will say that the Reality TV show is on in less than 24 hours.


He will then run and drop the Pop-Topics Tabloid.


Walk towards it and click on it, and it will be added to your inventory. Now examine it and go to the next page, and you will get an application.

Now head out of the market and go to The Wayside Motel at the left side of the street. Go inside the Motel Office. Walk over to the right and click on the cup with lots of pens inside. You’ll earn one of the pens in your inventory, to use to write on the application later.

Next, click on the magazine and turn the page to the local tv schedule. At the bottom of that page is an advertisement for Papa Pete’s Pizza. The phone number is 555-PETE (555-7383). Click on the phone on the desk, (next to the cup) and dial the number for the Pizza Place. When they ask you where you want it delivered, say Motel Room 4B. Go outside the Wayside Motel and there will be a pizza delivery person standing there. (Wow, that was really fast.) She’ll say that she forgot the number, probably an excuse to get home quickly to watch TV. She will give you the pizza, and then she’ll leave. So go up to Room 4B to knock on the door. The door will open, and you’ll be able to go inside.

Note: If you are a member and you are holding the pizza, you can save it to your closet and customize it later.

You’ll meet a guy named Bucky Lucas there, who the girl at Mike’s Market mentioned if you spoke to her. He was the first one to ever be eliminated from the show, which apparently made him famous. Click on him to speak to him and then choose the third option. He’ll say money and fame aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and give you a stamp for your application so you can mail it.

Now click on your application and write on it. You can write anything you want on it, and you’ll still get selected to be on the Reality TV show. You can even draw little doodles on it. It’s entirely up to you.

Now head back out of the motel room and then run over to the right where you’ll find a blue mailbox. Click on the mailbox to mail the application.  The next day, you are picked to be on the Reality TV Show. Go on the helicopter to begin.

The Reality TV Show

There’s total of 14 different challenges that randomly ordered. You must play 7 per season and compete against 7 other contestants. Some are from previous islands, and the others just appear on this island. There are tips to win the Reality TV show, and how to win individual challenges with a general idea of what to do below. Some of the challenges involve luck.

Tips to win the Reality TV Show:

1. If  one of the contestants is Betty Jetty, (a girl with Pink hair, a shirt with stripes, and a black skirt) it is best to vote her off first, because she is usually the one who wants to vote you off. This way your chances of being voted off will decrease. (It won’t really matter much if you won the challenge, but if you lost you should definitely vote her off. Since whoever gets voted off is completely random, she will not immediately be voted off. It is best to keep voting for her until she is off the show.

2. If you lose the challenge, vote off the person farthest away from you. On the last challenge, do your best. If you lose, take a  short break and then try to compete again.

3. If the person farthest away from you won the challenge, vote off the 2nd farthest person from you.


Turtle Shell Toss

Aim correctly and fire the coconut in order to collect points. Try to reach the 20 points shell every time.

Tip: See that palm tree there in the background? There is one frond pointing at the bottom right, pointing to the 20 points shell. Click on the tip of this frond each time for 20 points each time, and to win the challenge.

Pole Climb


Try to avoid the falling coconuts in order to reach the top of the pole first.

Tip: Just switch between the poles on your left and right to avoid falling objects. It’s best to stay on the middle two poles and away from the sides.

Totem Hop

To win Totem Hop, you must be the last one standing. Jump to a different totem if the totem you are standing on is about to fall. Keep doing this until all the contestants lose and you’re the only one left.

Geyser Guess


This game requires luck, so I can’t really help you much with this one. The same geyser can erupt again, so don’t think that this can only happen once for each one.

Coconut Catch 

Collect 20 coconuts before the other contestants do, and avoid the bombs the monkey will throw occasionally. Try not to get hit with the bombs to collect the coconuts faster.

Mountain Race

For this challenge, you have to reach the top of the mountain before the other contestants. Avoid the rocks on your way up.

Hang Glider

In this challenge, you will glide through the sky and have to avoid volcanoes and birds.

Tip: Do you see the Poptropica logo on the top right of the screen? Go there and hide there the whole time  to cheat.

Shot Put

When you’re ready, click to throw your boulder. The goal here is to throw it the farthest so you can earn the most points.


Hit a competitor’s plate with a slingshot. You’ll have to break one competitor’s plate in 3 rounds. If you’ve destroyed someone’s plate once the challenge is over, you will win.

Boulder Push

For this challenge, you have to rapidly click your mouse to push the boulder towards the finish line. If you’re quick enough, you’ll win the challenge.


To win this game, you need to hit your puck the closest to the center. To do this, you must aim your puck in the direction and strength you want and shoot. Since you are the last person to try, it will be easier for you.

Water Run

The goal is to  fill your jug with water from the waterfall, then bring it back safely without spilling it. You must stand on the red-and-white circle on the right to have your water counted for your score. First person with 100% water filled in the jug wins. Watch out for the boar, who tries to knock you down. If the boar hits you, your water jug will be emptied and you’ll have to start over.

On The Line

To do this challenge, you need to drop your fishing hook by clicking  and make the fishing hook reach a fish. To do this you need to click on the finishing hook at the exact time a fish will go under it.

Balanced Diet

For this challenge, you need to keep the pole balanced. To do this you must keep the dot in the middle. It gets harder as more food is placed with your pole. As the brown dot moves, move your cursor toward the opposite side of it.









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