Poptropicon Island

This guide is written by Icy Fox. The pictures are by Brave Dolphin.                                                                                    

Poptropicon Episode 1-Line Forms Here

Press the start button to play the island.


You’ll first talk with a lady who asks if you would like to learn how to use the Customizing feature.



If you’re new to Poptropica and don’t know how to customize, you should click yes, but if you know how, you should say no. Once you finish speaking with her, go right until you find a girl wearing a princess costume.


Click on her to ask her if you can have one of her tickets. She will inform you that she’s holding one for a friend, but she doesn’t know where he is.


Ask her what her friend looks like, and she’ll show you a picture they took earlier.


So, what you have to do is find all of the parts of his costume to customize. The first part can be found on a girl in a blue top hat. Customize her blue staff.


The next part is located on the second story of the convention center, so jump up there and you’ll find a man pushing a vending machine. Customize his beard. Now, jump onto the roof and customize the hat from a girl that is dressed as a witch. Now jump down and go to the left. Continue past the stations until you see a man eating pizza puffs at a table. Customize his shirt. You should look like this:


Now, return to the girl. When you return, she’ll think you are her friend and asks for something. You will ask what it is, and she wants something in return for the ticket.  Now you’ll have to find her friend, so go left twice, where you’ll find him. Speak to him and he will say that he left it in the porta potty. After this, he’ll just leave and go home.


You can’t walk or jump in front of the line, otherwise someone will say: “No cutting!” and you will walk behind them. Click on the first guy who resembles Ned Noodlehead. He will tell you that if you could remind him of who played Thor in a movie, he will give up his spot in line. To figure it out, go back to the convention center, then head right to the alley. While there, click on the Backpack Straps inside the “Lost and Found” dumpster bin. On the far right, there is a poster that says that Bucky Lucas plays Thor. Click on the poster, then head back to the line. Click on the guy to tell him Bucky Lucas played Thor, and he will trade his spot in line. Next, talk to the girl in front of you. She will ask what time the cosplay contest will be held. Go to the second story of the convention center, and there will be a poster that says the contest is at noon. Click on it and return to the line. Now, click on the girl to tell her, and she will give you her spot. Now talk to the guy in front of you. He says that he will only give up his spot if you have the power amulet. The person who has it is called “The Cheetah Bandit”, who’ll you’ll find atop the bus in the convention center. Ask him how to get his power amulet, and he will say to beat him in a race up a water tower. Accept the challenge.


To get to the top of the water tower faster than he does, you can climb the gutter to the left and then jump off when it gets to clothes line. You’ll spring to the top of the building. Jump onto the purple umbrella, and then atop the Water Tower. He’ll go the slower way, and he will give you the Power Amulet. Return to the line again and put on the Amulet. Talk to the guy and he will give you his place in line. The next guy wants a Fremulon mask from the “Learn to Speak Fremulon” booth you passed earlier, so head back to the area and find the booth. Then click on the girl on the left. She’ll give you a pamphlet on how to speak Fremulon. Next, talk to the guy on the right. He’ll tell you that if you can have a conversation in Fremulon, he’ll give you the mask. The pamphlet has all of the answers of the questions, but here they are anyway in order:

  1. Scrum bellazugh!
  2. Bemblex zup amfrozan.
  3. Blurge scrashble bellazagur.

Once  you finish, he will give you the Fremulon Mask!

Now, return to the line and give the guy the mask. He’ll give you his spot in line. Now speak to a girl, and trade places with you in line if you can find her a replacement jet-pack. You can make one at the “Ye old Forge of Finery” booth at the area with the poptropican wearing the Pizza Puff costume. Before you do that, though, you need to obtain the clock that’s dangling atop the booth. Climb on top of the Fremulon booth and onto the Finery booth, and then collect the Watch Parts. Now click on the booth and then get started.

  1. Click on the backpack straps.
  2. Put the glue on the backpack straps.
  3. Click on the bottles.
  4. Put glue on the bottles.
  5. Put the clock parts on the bottles.
  6. Spray-paint it with the two paint cans.

You now have a Jetpack. Now return to the line and give it to the girl. She will fly away, and now you are finally in front and can go inside the porta potty. You’ll come out with the item that the girl wanted, which is revealed to be a Mjolnir. Go back to the girl wearing the princess costume and equip the Mjolnir. Then click on her. She is about to give you the extra ticket, but then asks where you got it. You tell her you got it from a porta potty, and then she says the deal’s off. Now you have to find another way in. Go to the alley way, and the security guard will be impressed by the Mjolnir, but he won’t let you use the catapult behind him. He says he would only move if Thor himself told him to. So, you have to find all of the pieces to his outfit in the poster.

You can find the beard on the first guy in line for the convention center, you’ll find the clothes (excluding the cape) on the girl who is hosting the crafting booth, you’ll find the hat and the hair on the last guy in line who you told who the actor of Thor was, and you’ll find the cape on the girl who you told when the cosplay contest starts. You should look like this:


Once you have the outfit customized, head back to the security guard, who will be easily fooled. You will tell him to go and enjoy the convention, and he will leave, giving you access to the catapult. Set it off by jumping off of one of the ledges next to it. Fall onto the platform, and it will be pushed all the way down. Once you can click the lever, click on it and you will be launched into the air and through the window as you earn the island medallion and a photo for your photo album.


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