Mythology Island Guide

Mythology Island 

This walkthrough is written by Icy Fox. Pictures are by Brave Dolphin.

When you arrive on Mythology Island, go to the Museum of Olympus. A cut-scene will play. After the cut-scene, go to the right and collect the Starfish on his face.


(Who would put a starfish here?)  It may not be much help right now, but it will be later on in the island quest.


Now go outside of the Museum, and go to the far right. Enter the Grove Of Temples, and go to the Temple of Apollo. 


Get a reed pipe from a box, then go to the statue of a goddess with a reed pipe.


Play what she plays without making any mistakes. (This may take several tries. Don’t give up.)


After you do this perfectly, she will say you’re a worthy musician and give you a tune to put Cerberus back to sleep.

Apple of Immortality 

Go back to Main Street and head to the left. Climb up the tree.

When you get to the branches part, here is what you do. Go to the right, jump on the snake, go to the left, bounce up on the mushrooms, climb up the sleeping snake to the highest branch, go to the right, and meet the satyr.


He will tell you to collect 10 jars of honey before time runs out and that he’ll help you after you give him 10 jars.  Just jump around the tree until you find them, but be quick. When you get ten, go back to the satyr. Talk to him, and he will show you a secret path.

Go up to the secret path, and kick the apple down. Collect the apple, and then the satyr disappears. After the satyr disappears, Zeus suddenly appears out of the blue.

He will promise you immortality in exchange for five sacred items, which are listed on a scroll. Hmm, I wouldn’t trust that guy if I were you.

Exit the tree, and Athena will show up. Ask her if she can help you, and she will send golden olives onto the trees. If you ever get stuck, click on them.



Now, go to the left. Go over the bridge, and then click the flower near the Sphinx. She tells you to bring  water back. Go up to the aqueducts, and turn all the levers and push down all the bridges. Then, when the water flows down, the flower will be big.

Click on the flower to collect it. Then, go to the ledge on the left side. Jump onto the Sphinx, then jump onto that ledge. Get the pomegranates from the tree, then go back to the bull ring door. Use your reed pipe to play the tune in the order that  is on the door to open it. While you’re playing your reed pipe, you can still see the colors and numbers. So just look in the background if you need help.

If you can’t see them however, the order of the colors are: Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Blue, And the last color  is Green.

Once you play them in the correct order, the door to the Labyrinth will open.

The Labyrinth

Go inside, and you will see a Minotaur. He will tell you to find your way through the labyrinth, since he only grants favors to others who can find their way through it. Go inside.

You will get a bit of help from Athena so that you don’t get lost.

Go mostly toward the right. It might take some time. Find the transparent satyr.

Then go above him, and click on the wall with the bones. You will have to take away six of the bones so that they spell out “TEN”

Once you do, the door will open. Go right. Find your way to the giant scorpion. Jump over him, and continue to the right side. Go out the door. You aren’t quite finished yet.  Click on the picture, and you will begin the last challenge.

You must click on the red eyed snake three times to open the stone wall. Once you do, you can get the golden ring from the Minotaur. Now exit, and go back to the Grove of Temples.

 Temple of Poseidon 

Go in the Temple of Poseidon, and go to the door. Use the starfish to open it.

Go in, and you will now be on Poseidon’s Beach. Go past the girls on the beach and ask Aphrodite for help.

She will give you a test where you must name some gods/goddesses.  They are: Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia. Once you name them correctly, she will give you a mirror that can transport you to the realms of the major gods.





Now go left, and dive into the sea. Go mostly to the right. Pass the barrier that you can’t break through and go left. Get the pearl from the giant clam, and then go into the cave.

You are now in the Hydra’s Lair. When one of the heads make a face, it is about to bite you. Jump, and make sure you land on one of the heads. If you do it right, it will go “THUMP!” and a head will be knocked out. Do the same thing for the remaining four heads.

Once all the heads are knocked out, walk over to collect the Hydra’s scale. Use the mirror to go back to Aphrodite.

Temple of Hades

Now, go to the Temple of Hades by using the mirror. You have to clean up the paint in every area. Once you do, a man will give you one drachma for your help.

Then go inside the temple. Use the pomegranates to open the door. Go inside, and fall down the huge pit. Once you get to the bottom, go inside the boat and tell Charon that you are ready to go.

This part was updated to be easier. Just duck and avoid things that come by and try to stay behind Charon. Now you will see Cerberus.

Use the song Apollo gave you to put him to sleep. If you can’t memorize it, here is the song: Blue, green, yellow, blue, red, green. Then walk over to get his whisker.

Tree of Immortality: Part ll 

Now, go back to the Tree of Immortality. Use the mirror to go to Zeus (lightning) and then go to the left. Athena will meet you there, and you will need to put together the secret message contained in the sacred items. It should read: “Whoever wields the five sacred items will rule all of Poptropica.” No, not you. Zeus himself asked you for the five sacred items, so you know what that means….. You do know what that means, right?

After you put the secret message together, Zeus will come and take the sacred items, but he will not give you immortality as he promised.

Now Athena will tell you to go to Hercules for help. So go to Main Street and go to Herc’s Hero Hut.
Talk to Hercules and he will help you.

Hercules’ Help

First, use the mirror to go to Poseidon’s Realm. Hercules will kick the rock, allowing you to pass. Go inside the palace and you’ll see Poseidon. Ask him if he can help. He will say that he cannot leave the sea, but he will give you his trident.

Now, go back to Hercules, and go to Hades’s realm.Once you’re there, Hercules will push the boulder aside, and you can now enter Hades’ throne room.

Once you’re inside, speak with Hades. He says he can’t leave the underworld, but he will give you his crown.

Now choose the Lightning Bolt, and Hercules will smash open the padlock so you can go there. Thanks, Hercules!

Go inside, and Medusa will appear and turn Hercules into stone.

Now head to the right, and use your drachma to get a bag of wind. You’ll need it to get to the top of the ledges.

You will go up to a ledge. Jump up the ledges until you reach the top. If you fall and run out of wind, talk to Aeolus again and he will give you a free refill. Once you reach the top, light up the four statues of Zeus.

Oh, and if you didn’t figure it out by now.. this was all buildup for a battle with Zeus. Because he’s evil… because he used you to get him the five sacred items he wanted to rule Poptropica… and that’s why you went to collect the trident and crown…to battle Zeus. Yeah, it probably wasn’t obvious at first.

Anyways, after you light up the statues, Zeus will appear and challenge you to a battle.

The Final Battle


Then the final battle begins. Put on Hades Crown and Poseidon’s trident and you’ll expand to Zeus’s size. In the battle, you should do two things: Collect pink clouds and zap Zeus to lower his health. Zeus can’t be shot when he lights up, so just avoid him when he does that.

Tips to win the Battle:

1. If Zeus attacks you and you lose some of your pink clouds, go away from him and collect some. Make sure you don’t lose too many clouds. If you lose all of your clouds, you will lose.

2. Each time you zap Zeus, move away from him and zap him again.

3. Don’t be too close to him, but not too far away from him either so you are still able to see him and attack him.

4. Don’t attempt to shoot Zeus when he lights up.

Once you win the battle, Zeus will give up and promise to be good and tell you to take your items back.

Then, Athena gives you the island medallion. Congratulations, you’ve completed Mythology Island!







Meanwhile….(Caution: Spoilers.. Foreshadowing… and stuff.)

“No, this isn’t over. I will get my revenge, and that foolish person won’t even see it coming!”
“HA-HA! I’m so clever!”
“OW! Who threw that at me? Curse you, Hades! Didn’t you learn your lesson? I’ll just vandalize your walls again!!! And this time, I’ll use fighting words!”



One thought on “Mythology Island Guide

  1. Hades was supposed to be the bad guy I mean like he wants to kill Hercules. Why? The three brothers made a deal not to have any demigod children. and Hercules is a demigod and a son of Zeus.


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