Mission Atlantis Ep. 1 Guide

Episode 1: Into The Deep

Guide and screenshots taken by Brave Dolphin 

Go on the island. The man says something’s wrong and he gives you a sea creatures file. Go up onto the ship’s higher level, and there will be a pole. On top of the pole there is a bucket of water.

Click on it to put it in your inventory.

Go down a floor in the ship, and in a lifeboat, there will be a squid surrounded by ink.

Click on the squid and the bucket will fill with ink.

Go back to the pole and click “use” on the bucket of ink. When you do this, the ink will fall on the man’s helmet.

He will drop the key.

Take the key and use it to go in the submarine.

You are now underwater! Follow the instructions given to you by the radio. The first sea creature you will need to take a picture of is a sea dragon.

Now, you must track down the sea dragon! To do this, go to the right. The sea dragon will be hidden in the coral. You need to scare it away, into the red coral on the opposite side.

Click on the sea dragon and don’t move the sub and you will have the picture!

The next sea creature is a Barreleye. To get the shot of this fish you must block all the geysers with air coming out of them. You have to do them in order, always block the one closest to the fish. To block one of them, simply click on it. Here is the first one.

Then go down a little, and block the next one.

Move to the right, and block the one there.

Now, move up and the fish will be visible. Click on the fish and hold still to take the picture.

Now, you need to take a picture of the Angler Fish. Go left and then up a little. Then click to go left.

When you get to the other side, go down.

Once you reach there, the Angler Fish will be there, but it will be too shy to get a photo. You will need some fish to lure it in.

To lure in the fish, just hove near it, and it will follow you. Here are where some fish are.


Now go back to the Angler fish and it will come out of hiding and eat the fish. You will need to click on it to take a picture, while its eating the fish.

Now, we need to take a picture of the Cuttlefish. Go back right, to where we took the picture of a Barreleye. Go right now, then down.

To get the purple cuttlefish, you need to move it out of the purple coral. To do this, you need to move each fish in a cycle until the purple one is in the red coral, making it visible.

Now go down to get the picture of the next fish.

Now, you need to get a picture of the Stonefish. To get its picture, hide in the coral next to it and click on it to take the picture.

Now, go turn right. You will see a Hydro-Medusa, and try to take a picture of it, when more and more Hydro-Medusa and electrify your sub. You will sink into the ocean, until you reach a mysterious building/figure.

Congratulations! You have finished Mission Atlantis: Episode 1!



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