Counterfeit Island

Counterfeit Island

This guide is written by Icy Fox. 


Once you arrive on Main Street, jump to the top of the museum, and you will get the first piece of a torn photo.

Next, go right and jump to the top of the “Moldy Baguette Inn” building. There is a piece near one of the windows. Go right, to the “Down Town” area, and enter “Bobo’s Clown Store”. When inside, get a green balloon. Now go back outside. Walk until you find an open trash can. Move everything until you find two tickets for the Underground Tunnel Tour. They will now be added to your inventory. Now, go right to the Country Side, and click on the crying kid to give him your green balloon. He will then start floating up in the air.

After this, the boy’s mother will run off-screen, and your poptropican says: “Uh-oh, that can’t be good.” Now go back to Main Street and enter the “Web-Browser Internet Cafe” and click “use” on the tickets to give them to the man. He will thank you for returning his tickets, and lets you keep one. Now go back to the Down Town area and go to the woman next to The Ancient Tunnels. Use your ticket, and enter the Ancient Tunnels. Go through the tunnel until you find a place with human bones. Climb up the light, and jump to the right to get another Torn Picture piece. After you get the torn picture piece, keep going until you reach the end of the tour. Then, exit the Ancient Tunnels. You are now at the Docks. Talk to this Strange Man wearing shades, who will tell you that the Scream will be stolen and to apply for a job at the museum. Don’t leave just yet, because there are two pieces for the Torn Picture here. One is on top of a boat, and the other is near the sand.


After collecting the pieces, go back to Main Street and go inside Museum Fantastique, and tell the guy you want to apply for the job and he will tell you to speak with the assistant curator. Go upstairs, and talk to him. He will tell you that four paintings have been placed in the wrong areas and you must find them and return them to the correct spots. Here is where all of the paintings go:

  • Move the painting from the cubism wing to the impressionism wing.
  • Move the painting from the impressionism wing to the expressionism wing.
  • Move the painting from the expressionism wing to the realism wing.
  • Finally, move the painting from the realism wing to the cubism wing.

After you are finished, talk to the assistant curator again, and he will hire you. Now go inside the Forgery Detection Lab. Speak to him and then he’ll tell you to select a station to begin your training. Click on the first desk to get started. Use the X-Ray device over each of the paintings until you find the one with the sketch marks underneath the painting. Use the arrows at the top to switch between the paintings and then click on the one with the sketch mark, which is the real painting. In the next test, you’ll use a magnifying glass to try and figure out which painting is a fake. Look in the corners of each painting to find the signature and figure out which one is different than the others. The forged painting is the one with the different signature. The third test is a photograph and you need to click on the area that shows it is a fake. Move up to the left to where the moon is and click on the dark side of the moon to prove that this photo is a fake. If this was really a picture of the moon, there would be no stars on the dark side of it.

Now move to the next section, where  the museum does chemical analysis of paint samples. In this test, you select a paint sample and then it drops into the beaker. A red bar moves across and when it reaches a square, that square lights up with a color. Click on that color beaker above while the square is lit to add it into the test solution. If you click it too late, a big red X will appear and you’ll have to put the paint sample in and start again.  If you do it correctly and in time, a green check mark will appear over the square. Keep going until all four squares are done correctly. Now do the same for the remaining 2 paint samples.

Once you finish this test, your training is complete and the assistant curator will give you a key to the supply room.



Now exit the Forgery Detection Lab and go through the Statue Room. Head to the Supply Room, and use the key to open the door.

The last piece is there. After you collect the piece, Exit Museum Fantastique and head to the Docks, and go to the tunnel exit. Find the ladder, climb it, and click on the door. You need to make it look exactly like the Torn Picture.

After you make it look like the Torn Picture, press the top button and the door will open. Go up and you will be back in the Supply Room. Open the door with the key, and go out. Duck when the security guard comes so you don’t get caught. Then, go to the Statue Room. Avoid the laser beams by hiding behind statues and potted plants and go to the Main Hall of Paintings.

Go to the left, and click on the Scream. You will then get arrested by police officers.

A newspaper will then pop up, called the Counterfeit Courier with a story about you being suspected to have stolen the Scream.

You will wake up and you will have to take a lie-detector test with 6 questions. It is very simple. After you pass the lie detector test, the chief inspector will tell you that someone else stole the painting. Return to Bobo’s Clown Store, and talk to the security guard on the left, and he will give you his timecard.


Now go back to Museum Fantastique, and go to the Security Office. Click on the monitor, and you will see that Strange Man you met earlier stole the painting. Take a print screen, then return to Down Town, and show the picture of the Strange Man to the mimes. They will whistle, meaning you should go to All That Jazz Cafe. Go inside, and go near the stage. Click on him to talk to

him, and he will run away.


Go outside and he will run away and go on a scooter. You will have to catch him will riding a scooter.

Avoiding everything excluding ramps, you will have to keep chasing him until you reach the Docks. He will jump on a boat and escape, but he drops a key card. Pick up the key card and go back to Museum Fantastique. Talk to the assistant Curator and he will give you Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Examine it with the x-ray and it says: “Meet me at Early Poptropica Island”. Head to Early Poptropica, and go inside the Pop Art Museum. Go to the left, talk to the woman, and she will give you a key.

Go back to Counterfeit Island and head to the “Country Side”. Find the house that says: “Inspector Veuve- Noire” and use the key to open the door. Enter the house, go to the upper level, click on the torn edge of the weird painting, and it will be revealed as the Scream.
Then, the lights go out and you are knocked out by someone. You will now be at The Underground Hideout, tied to a chair.


After she leaves, you will find that the Strange Man is tied to a chair as well. He will tell you to come closer so he can untie you. Move your chair in the direction of the man in the shades. (Tip: Move your chair the opposite way, then go towards the Strange Man.)

After you have done so, you both will be untied and you’ll arrive at the next room. Run all the way to the left and then jump up on the boxes while avoiding the guards. The hardest guard to sneak past is on one of the platforms right above you. You need to wait until he gets all the way to the left and then turns to start walking right. Jump up immediately and follow him a few steps until you see a couch. Jump onto the couch and the springs will propel you to the platform above and to the left. Here you’ll see a special access panel. Use the key card that the Strange Man previously dropped to open the door. Go through the door to enter Black Widow’s private gallery. Go to the left to begin the final battle.


You must turn the crank to bring the strange man up, while not letting too much art crash. Catch the pieces of art she throws. For every four paintings you catch, she gets angry, so run fast and turn the crank. She will throw a bomb, so avoid that and continue catching paintings. Keep doing this until he’s all the way to the top, and he will then knock her out.

You will now be at the Internet Web Browser Cafe, and the Curator will tell you to meet her at the museum. Go back to Museum Fantastique, and go to the expressionism area.  Talk to her, and she will reveal that the museum is really the secret storage facility for the world’s rarest art. She will then give you the island medallion.


Congratulations, you’ve completed Counterfeit Island!


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