24 Carrot Island

24 Carrot

Walkthrough by Icy Fox.  Pictures by Brave Dolphin.

Once you arrive on the island, go left to the Carrot Farm.

Walk past the farmer and jump up onto the roof of the house. Then go down the chimney. Can you think inside a chimney? Me neither.

When you get inside the house, go to past the couch and get the Empty Bowl next to it.

Go back outside through the chimney and return to Main Street. Go to the Carrot King Diner, and ask the waitress to fill the bowl with milk. (How does a bowl full of milk not spill in your bag?)

Anyways, go back inside the house and place the bowl of milk on the floor where it was before. (Next to the couch.)

Go to the right and jump to the second floor, and then run to the left over to where the bathtub is. Turn on the water, and then the cat will jump out of the tub.


Walk slowly behind him to “chase” him downstairs and then follow him there. He will then drink from the bowl of milk. Now he will follow you until you return him to his owner.

Go to Main Street, and enter “Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co.”


When inside, talk to Charlie and tell her you found her cat Whiskers. 


She will give you a crowbar to thank you for finding her cat.


Go back outside and go right until you arrive at the Factory.


When you get there, jump up the left side of the factory to the roof and you will find the Vent Blueprint. 




Jump down the right side of the building and you’ll see a pipe near some old barrels floating in the water. Click on the lid of the pipe and you will use the Crowbar to open it.


Run left through the pipe and pick up the carrot transporter. It does exactly what it says, and it can transport you out of the factory if you decide to give up. You won’t need it to complete the island.



Run over to the left and stand in front of the Master Engine panel.


There are three levers on the machine and they are all in the up position. Move them down until the little green light above lights up.


After that, the main lights in the room will go on and the master engine will start moving. Head over to the right side of the room and jump up on the boxes.


Jump up to the left onto the platform you see and then onto the top of the three barrels and then onto the pile of three boxes next to it.


Then, a giant mechanical arm will come by. Jump onto it.


It will come to a platform on the right and when it does, jump off onto the platform and enter the open vent that will send you to the Vent System.


Using the Vent Blueprint to guide you through the vents.


Go the way to the Processing Room and you’ll find Wire Cutters along the way. You do not actually need to enter the Processing Room.



After you find it, go to the “Freezer Room”




Click on the panel that says “Security System”.

Using the Wire Cutters, cut all the three wires to disable the system.


Then go back into the Vent System and enter the Printer Room.


Once you are inside, you will see a girl wearing drone ears with swirly green eyes. Click on her to say: “Hey, what’s that behind you?”


You’ll see a close-up of the top of the drone ears. Press the power button in the middle of the ears to turn the ears off and the girl will no longer be under its hypnotic power.


She will get a printout from the large machine that gives you the System Password for the computer which is “fuzzybunny“.



Return to the System Vent and head to the Processing Room, where you will need to get Drone Ears.


Note: There is another kid hypnotized by the Drone Ears wearing a red Lightning Bolt Shirt, it is optional to save him, but you can if you wish. There is also a girl wearing a flower shirt and a purple skirt, and you should save her if you spot her as well.



Anyways, once you’re at the Processing Room, find a sign that says “Authorized Bunny Drones Only” and press it.


Since you’re not a bunny drone, you will fall onto a trap and you will land in the Smelter Room.

Avoid the giant presses and hot carrot juice.




Then you will find the Drone Ears. 



Put them on, go through the Exit and you’ll be back in the Processing Room. Now, while you’re wearing the Drone Ears, go back to the big doorway and now you’ll be able to enter it.

After you enter, you’ll now be in the Rabbot Room with Dr. Hare. Talk to him, thinking you’re one of his trusted minions, he asks you why you are standing around and to start the launch sequence.


After he does that, find a boy that’s hypnotized by the Drone Ears, and say: “Look, a giant bunny!”


And click on the “Power” button like you did before.

Then, he will tell you to stop Dr. Hare. Click on the computer and enter the System Password, which is “fuzzybunny“.


It will then ask you to enter a command, which is “Launch Rabbot“from the sticky note on the computer.


The robot spaceship will launch and then you will be able to control it with the joystick on the computer. The purpose is to make it crash, so to get this done fast, crash it on purpose by moving it in the path of oncoming asteroids.







After you hit four asteroids, the robot will explode and Dr. Hare will fly into space. Now go up the rope and out of the factory. (Or you can use your Carrot Transporter.) You’ll be back on Main Street and then go left to find the mayor.



Click on him, and he will give you the island medallion.



Congratulations, you completed 24 Carrot Island!



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