Fan Art

Fan art submitted by Wolverine.



Fan art submitted by NinjaDude.

Icy Fox and Black Widow submitted by Wolverine.


Icy Fox and Betty Jetty submitted by Brave Dolphin.


Submit your own Poptropica Fan Art!

Ever want to share your creativity? Do you love Poptropica so much that you make art and fan fictions? Well we don’t show fan fictions here, but we do show art!

Just fill the form below and we just might put it up here for you! But please, not too much violence (Poptropica violence is fine), not too much blood, and no inappropriate subjects. (Icy Fox will look at them). Also, please make sure you send in your original art! Do not copy anyone!



6 thoughts on “Fan Art

  1. Heeey guys (: its been a long time we dont chat. Hey Icy!
    well, i was looking at my fanarts, and i just noticed ive changed my twitter account, so, if u wanna chat my new user is: @ClawedRider 😀
    Miss ya guys, xxxx.


  2. hey, wazup icy! i’m the Wolverine one. i was passing by here to check how ur blog was and saw my fanart over there, lol. its still there 😛 whatever, my new twitter is: @h4cker4life, if ya need some more fanarts, just call me ^^
    cya,Wolvie (or just Stark) |||


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