Welcome to the costumes page! Here, you can find great costumes to dress your poptropican in, and where to get those costume parts. If you have any suggestions, comment below giving a name, an image (it can be a link to an image) and where to get all the parts (Ex. where do you get the shirt, pants, or skirt from). Also, some costumes don’t have names yet, so feel free to submit an idea for a name if the costume is not named. 😀



Dr. Hare Henchman/Woman

Customize Dr. Hare’s henchmen on Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab.

Ultimate Soda

Ultimate Soda Costume

-Soda Costume in the Poptropica Store.

-Win the Soda Bottle item on the Shrink Shot mini-game for free in the Poptropica Store.


Video Game Girl

-Buy the Gamer Girl costume in the Poptropica Store and costumize the whole outfit.

-Save a laser gun to your closet from the Laser Tag common room on Wimpy Boardwalk.


Studious Student

Hair, bangs, and glasses: The lady on Main Street on Twisted Thicket Island.

Shirt and skirt: The girl near CJ’s apartment on Shrink Ray Island.

If you’d like, customize a handheld book from someone’s costume closet.


(Needs Name)

Hair: Vampire Girl 3

Shirt and pants: Albert Einstein Costume

Guitar: Rock Star Costume


Casual Girl

Hair: On the Mechanic Girl in S.O.S Island

Shirt: Nabooti Island

Pants: Random characters/common rooms


Female Scientist Costume

Any hairstyle will do. It does not have to be like this one.

Lab Coat: On the woman near the County Prison on Super Power Island.

Dress: From the lady in the B.A.D Bistro

If you want, get this handheld. If you can’t or simply don’t want to, the clapboard on Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab is a good alternative.


Wimpy Boardwalk Surfer

Wimpy Kid Tee (From an expired ad. Look for it in common rooms, or check someone’s photos.)

Pink Skirt from anywhere

Triton’s Surfboard from Mythology Island.



By Smart Sky

Hair from Veruca’s father on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island

The jacket on Charlie Bucket on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Inside jacket from the Zombie on Haunted House mini-quest.

Hotdog from handheld items stuff

Flies from Classic Followers Pack

Short Beard on the Glitches page on the PHB.

Optional: If you want, get this skin color.


Blue robot boy

By Smart Sky

Friend petegboss for the outfit

Get the jetpack and blaster from the Space Sentry costume in the store.


Bad Hair Day

Friend petegboss

Note: The hair changes shape.


Wizard Cat

By: Happy Leopard

-color purple

-Shirt, pants, and belt from the dream guardian costume you get from the Super villian quest

-Tail from werewolf costume in store

-mouth, ears, and whiskers mouth find try to find someone in a common room with the mouth, ears and whiskers from a glitch i’ll post on the cheats page soon

-Wand from new costumize anything glitch on that guy dressed as a wizard coming to the cheats page soon



More outfits are coming to this page! Check back soon to see more!


23 thoughts on “Costumes

  1. Some More Advice: Think of costumes That Do NOT Need Membership Requirements. Some People Do Not Have Membership You Know… also make a boy account to make boy costumes.


    • No offense, I know it’s not my blog nor my business… But you could be, and SHOULD be a little nicer. This blog is still under construction, and it’s not yours, you could be nicer about your “Advice”. Designing costumes isn’t easy for everyone, so if you want to complain, why don’t you work on your own blog instead of complaining about others? I mean seriously, take care of yourself instead of being rude to people who are trying. I think they’re doing great, I can’t design a Poptropica Costume for my life. You’re lucky this isn’t my blog or I would be telling you off, in way worse ways right now. You’re really lucky that everyone who works here has been so nice to you, DESPITE your attitude.


      • Let me point a few things out to you: I don’t see I was being “Rude” When she said thanks, And if it was Rude, she would probably put it into trash or don’t approve it. I don’t see anything “Rude” in my comment. Plus, I do not understand much of what you are saying because I don’t know all English and I speak Australian And a language related to Hindi.


      • Well it was rude, because it isn’t your blog and you could’ve been nicer. Your “Advice” was rude because you could’ve just said “Maybe you could add more Guys costumes, and some that don’t take so many credits”.


      • I didn’t mean the ones that need credits, I mean’t the video game girl because it needed the closet, and for the boy thing, I made that comment back when there was no boy costumes.


      • Yeh, uh, Australian IS English; it’s just the grammar’s different. And you’re a Native English speaker, trust me. I do agree with Nameless, I mean, you did sound a bit demanding. Not every blog is the same, and not every blog is perfect. We all have our flaws. You could be a bit less demanding and be more nicer. You did sound a bit rude. Maybe your wording made it sound rude or something :/ . This is just my opinion, I’m not taking sides or anything.


      • Haha, well I’m going to stop replying, it’s not my blog, and if the Owners actually find it rude, they can take care of it themselves. I’m friends with everyone around here, which is why I said anything in the first place.


  2. Lion-o (from thundercats old style i know old style sucks sorry) shirt: nabooti island. pants: masks and capes. hair: ketchup red. hair shape costumizable from hadi13067. sword: big sword or templar knight sword. mouth: you just need a frown. optinal: use the yokozuna face paint if you have it. (from prepare for impact)


  3. Umm, guys, could you please not argue about this? I am not taking sides, I just don’t think this is the proper place for it. 🙂


    • Ok, we’ll see. But please fill out the Become an Author form, and then we can accept your request, and you might be an author. 🙂


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