Cheats and Promo Codes


Mr. Yoshi Game Show Costumes

Note: You’ll need to have the “Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge” ticket to do this.

1. Go to Game Show Island and  onto the “Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge” game show.

2.  While wearing one of the costumes, (A chicken, a Bowling Ball, or a Baby)  press Ctrl+Shift+S

3. Once you exit you’ll still be wearing the costume!

Keyboard Cheats

Sure, every person that plays poptropica that isn’t new knows these, but I figured I might as well list these anyway.

Ctrl+Shift+R: Randomizes your poptropica character completely. If you do not wish to lose your outfit, skin color, hairstyle, etc then don’t do this.

Ctrl + Shift + S: Changes your character’s skin color. This may be a random color like blue or green (seen on the random characters) just keep changing it until you get the one you want.

Ctrl + Shift + H: Changes your character’s hair color. If it shows computer history, go back to Poptropica and click on the screen. Then press H.

Ctrl + Shift + P: Your character will be wearing a pumpkin mask.

Ctrl + Shift + 1: Your character will laugh.

Ctrl + Shift + 2: Your character will cry.

Ctrl + Shift + 3: The character will get mad, and their head will be red and pop off for a few seconds.

Ctrl + Shift + 4: Your character will jump.

Ctrl + Shift + F10: Pauses game

Press S to skip a character’s dialogue. This doesn’t work on SUIs. (sound-updated islands)

Cheat on the Reality TV Show

Have trouble with the Reality TV Show? Here’s a way to cheat and win faster. On Reality TV Island win one of the challenges then vote someone out. When it says the results are in, quickly REFRESH the page. When you have refreshed the page, it will say you have won another challenge for the next day. So keep doing this until you are the last person left, and you will then win the Reality TV show easily.





Promo Codes

Pirate costume: Skullbook

DRHARE5000 – Unlocks a special edition Dr Hare balloon.
DRHARE7500 – Unlocks Dr Hare Ears Power.
DRHARE10000 – Unlocks Dr Hare’s Light and Shadow Outfits.

More cheats coming soon to this page!



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