I’m sorry…

Hi guys, Sp here or Melody Kitty (That’s my new name :D) , i’m posting this because I wanna say that i’m leaving, permanently and I have reasons to prove WHY. :c

Firstly, I have tried pop-blogging and have finally realized that this stuff isn’t my standard or cup of tea. I can’t make any more promises about me trying to post regularly or whatsoever. I finally made this decision, none of the blogs I work on are active anymore, but I respect that the authors working there are busy with their own personal lives, after all, they’re humans, like me.

This message has been broadcast to every blog I work, so don’t think i’m being partial with other blogs. It’s all equal.

I thank all the authors who have been kind to me and appreciate all my viewers. I specially want to thank Scary Plug, Icy Fox and Fearless Rock for letting me in their wonderful poptropica blogs, PWSP (Poptropica With Scary Plug) was the first ever blog I worked in, and thanks again to Scary Plug for letting me fit in here. Hope your blogs stay well and active.

This was a tough decision, yet i’m not completely off, I still will visit, like and comment your blogs, I appreciate your fruits of hard work, but for now, i’ll be gone, I might come back, but i’m not quite sure. Keep up the perfection and stay awesome. Working with you guys has been a lot of fun, but it’s time to say farewell…

Goodbye, guys, you’ve been awesome, and keep up the awesomeness! 🙂

– Melody Kitty or Sp ^u^


Sneak-peak frenzy!

Ok guys,so I apologize for the super,SUPER huge amount of inactivity, I had to deal with a final tests of mine! 😛 Anyways,i’m finally stress-free,so I wanted to post something.The fact is, I didn’t have anything much to post on this blog,and since this blog has been a little inactive,I don’t know anything what’s going on,and the creator’s blog is way ahead of everything,so it’s a bit difficult to catch up with ALL that stuff lately. Also,i’m currently in holiday (YAY) so I have much more time to post and all that stuff.I know that i’ve written quite enough,so let’s get started for what we’re here for! 😀

So as the title explains,i’ve searched these sneak peaks, and yes,these are chosen sneak peaks,that means I won’t really be posting every sneak peak,as i’ve mentioned,i’ve been way behind 😛 (I seriously need to stop using these italics :/ )

I decided posting 5 sneaks peaks at a time,counting backwards from the current sneak peak,and I won’t post any further before that,since it will take FOREVER. Whatever current pics will be posted,I might post only that.

Okay,so without further ado, let me present  you the sneak peaks!

1# oney

Exp*- Nothing known,I wouldn’t give any explanation,but why is that jewel folded on the second chest? :/

2# towey

Exp- Tbh,this picture looks quite funny  xD It looks like the first person is the evil lady with the maroon clothing,in the Lair Of Thieves, the second dude looks like a camel XD and the third one is the old dude from ”How Bazaar” as a little kid! How sweet! 😀

3# thwee

Exp- No exp needed,though it looks like some room in the castle…?

4# fow

Exp- Looks like the map of the island I was referring as the ”some island” or probably mystery island.


Exp-The pig and the vulture costumes probably come from Poptropicon or something.

I guess it’s time to wrap up this post ,i’m quite exhausted :/

*Also ”EXP” means explanantion.

UPDATE: This post has gotten a little boring and wordy,so I decided posting something funny! 😀

derp  Derp 


Are you stuck on that part?

…pretty cheesy title 😛 but anyways..

A few days ago,a new poptropica island just released– Galactic Hot Dogs Island ,from the hit illustrated novel,which you all have been familiar with 😛 . I’ve read that it’s a teensy-bit difficult,but thank goodness the creators have released the walkthrough video,so in case if you’re stuck at a certain point,you wouldn’t have to scratch your head , lol XD 😉

Now,I know most of you are allergic to spoilers,so Captain Crawfish gave a tip,just in advance to warn you that—… (wait…maybe i’ll just quote it 😛 )

As always, these walkthroughs contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what happens in Galactic Hot Dogs Island before you play, then consider yourself warned!

Thank you C.C! (Argh…i’m just tired of calling him ”Captain Crawfish” over and over again,so let’s just give him a shortform o.o) 😀

I guess it’s time to wrap up this post by now! Toodles! 😀


I’m back ^-^

*sniff* Yes,it’s true,i’m back…sorta….wait what? 😮 Let’s rewind that part:

i’m back…sorta….

Well,I’m sure you read that ‘sorta’ after the 3 seconds of pausing 😛Anyways…

This message goes to every blog I work,meaning,I’ll explain the actual reasonfor inactivity 😦

I’m super busy with stuff piling over me,for instance,it’s a problem called ‘homework’ coming from this very boring and unusual place called ‘school’…This term is very familiar with you guys,right? 😛 Another reason is that our family always goes out,so,of course I have to go along with them…pretty neat,you think?Nah,you don’t know,I HATE going out :/ Yup,i’m weird 😛

Aaaaanyways,i’m in process of completing Poptropicon,so folks, g’bye for now!😉



Yes!Just as the title says,we’ve gotta hurry…But why? WHY?’Cause it’s the last,last day for you to achieve the Poptropica’s 7th Birthday Outfit,found inrandom common rooms —- but it all depends upon your luck!Don’t worry though,you’ll get it eventually,I got mine I guess about the day before yesterday — which was close to the last minute 😮 It’s easy,just find a blue balloon with a green ‘7’ print on it.

This also includes that the birthday balloon will have to say bye-bye to us in the Pop store, it’s free! 😀 Since it’s free,it wouldn’t require a hard work,I mean by earning credits xD.

Anyways,I found my balloon in the ‘Facili-Tee’ in the island,PoptropiCon(Ep 1).If you’ve found your balloon,where’d you get it? Just curious 😉 Anyways,here are a few snaps related to the subject:

Here’s what the boys’ costume looks like:

Here’s the girls’:

scrnshot 19

And here’s the free birthday balloon:


Now,it just takes a matter of patience,I hope that everyone who didn’t pop that balloon,get it ASAP 🙂 super sorry for those who didn’t get 😦 There’s always next year though 😉


 ::Enjoy being hunted by Myron Van Buren and dressing like a boss? Read this post for the icy and foxy updates here on the IFPB!::

Hey there, ladies and poptropicans! SP here,once again,with another ‘cheesy title’ *clears throat*

The last and final episode of the Survival Series will be available to members this Thursday, September 11! (moment of silence) Sadly, my membership has expired. 😦 Gotta wait till some-date-which-turns-out-to-be-a-mystery! Spencer knows, and he won’t tell me. Spencer: bro, i edited your post, and im not telling u hehe ;p
Maybe PoptropiCon might release someday to non-members too! 😀 (This is outdated, you silly goose.)

Hey! c;

Hi guys!I’m  Silly Pelican,the newest author on IFPB (Icy Fox’s Poptropica Blog).Probably you guys have seen me on Poptropica With Scary Plug(PWSP) and Fearless Rock’s Blog (FRB),so if you guys don’t know me,no worries,my introduction is posted down below 😉 SP

Hi,i’m Silly Pelican,known to everyone as ‘Sp’ 😉 So i’m a Poptropica addict,blogger and probably the internet surfer,who surfs every day on the internet 😛 I have a wild imagination,I always think”weiird” XD  I have a one year blogging experience,I started Poptropica in 2013,ever since then,Poptropica became my fave-o-licious game 🙄 Yeah,I have weird words 😛

Well…so that’s it? ❓ Yeah. 

Oh and another point to clarify,i’ll be really busy with school and stuff,so I’ll rather be inactive on the daytime,but hey,i’ll come on the evenings at my place 😛  But sadly on for an hour.

I’ll be coming on the ‘ends as well,but not positively sure :s Well,let’s just wait and see…