About the Staff

Icy Fox

The United States

Bio: Hi, I’m a young girl who started playing Poptropica in Late 2013. I like comics, writing, learning, and cartoons. You’ll get to know me better soon enough. 😉  -Icy


Brave Dolphin

Bio: Hello, viewers of this blog! 😀 I am Brave Dolphin (I prefer to be called BD) and Icy Fox was very generous and decided to let me join! I am happy to be here, along with Icy Fox, BC, MF, and Sp. Here is a little about me: I like to read (a lot), and I read anything. I can be crazy or rude sometimes, but I like (try 😛 ) to maintain a calm status ( 😉 ). If you want to friend me, my username is: salma26557. I like blogging and I am also an author on a few other blogs. Check out my blog! Brave Dolphin: Poptropica -BD


Silly Pelican

Bio: Hi, I’m Silly Pelican, known to everyone as ‘Sp’ 😉 So I’m a Poptropica addict, blogger and probably the internet surfer, who surfs every day on the internet 😛 I have a wild imagination, I always think “weird” XD  I have a one year blogging experience, I started Poptropica in 2013, ever since then, Poptropica became my fave-o-licious game 🙄 Yeah, I have weird words 😛 Probably you guys have seen me on Poptropica With Scary Plug (PWSP) and Fearless Rock’s Blog (FRB).  -♥Sp


Captain Spencer











Bio: Hi, I’m Captain Spencer.  You’re free just to call me Spencer and/or Spence! I’m a Poptrocoholic. I love writing, drawing, and doing graphics. I started Poptropica in 2008 and made my very first blog in 2009. I’m addicted to Steam and love games like Terraria, Mass Effect, Garry’s Mod, and Minecraft. I have a wild imagination and can act strange at times. Check out Blake and I’s blog at: http://www.spencerspoptropicacheatblog.blogspot.com . I love to run, laugh, and collect Comic books. I’ll catch you gs later! Buh-bye! –CS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Happy Leopard                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



Bio: I’m Happy Leopard. But my friends just call me HL :mrgreen: ok so I started Poptropica in 2nd grade. I love writing, and drawing and playing video games like Minecraft and all of that. I also love reading books. I had a few lost accounts back then but now i use this one. 😀  I have my own blog but its not exactly ready yet. i collect comic books and playing with my pet cat. I’m kinda rare on poptropica just check my closet you’ll see. I also like to post island guides , costumes, and glitches. I know a lot of glitches that I find on Youtube. Well I guess this is it. Later guys! 😉  –HL


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