I’m back ^-^

*sniff* Yes,it’s true,i’m back…sorta….wait what? 😮 Let’s rewind that part:

i’m back…sorta….

Well,I’m sure you read that ‘sorta’ after the 3 seconds of pausing 😛Anyways…

This message goes to every blog I work,meaning,I’ll explain the actual reasonfor inactivity 😦

I’m super busy with stuff piling over me,for instance,it’s a problem called ‘homework’ coming from this very boring and unusual place called ‘school’…This term is very familiar with you guys,right? 😛 Another reason is that our family always goes out,so,of course I have to go along with them…pretty neat,you think?Nah,you don’t know,I HATE going out :/ Yup,i’m weird 😛

Aaaaanyways,i’m in process of completing Poptropicon,so folks, g’bye for now!😉



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