I’m back ^-^

*sniff* Yes,it’s true,i’m back…sorta….wait what? 😮 Let’s rewind that part:

i’m back…sorta….

Well,I’m sure you read that ‘sorta’ after the 3 seconds of pausing 😛Anyways…

This message goes to every blog I work,meaning,I’ll explain the actual reasonfor inactivity 😦

I’m super busy with stuff piling over me,for instance,it’s a problem called ‘homework’ coming from this very boring and unusual place called ‘school’…This term is very familiar with you guys,right? 😛 Another reason is that our family always goes out,so,of course I have to go along with them…pretty neat,you think?Nah,you don’t know,I HATE going out :/ Yup,i’m weird 😛

Aaaaanyways,i’m in process of completing Poptropicon,so folks, g’bye for now!😉



I’m Leaving.

Hey guys. I realize that this blog hasn’t had as many posts. And I’m leaving. But it isn’t just this blog, I am leaving Poptropica blogging as a whole. I’ll enjoy commenting, because, personally, I feel my posts do not match a good post’s standards.

IF, I’d like you to know, that none of this is your fault. Also, that you were-and are- a great friend to me, and I continue to admire you for your choices. I hope you are doing well, and that you enjoy your life. 🙂 I’ll still be on thePHC. I’d also like to let the authors know, how much I loved working with you. PR, you’re an excellent blogger, and I wish you the best of luck. Sp, you’re a great and funny author 😉 , and I hope that you’re posts will continue to help Poptropicans worldwide. HL, you’re a very kind person, and a great blogger, I wish you, and your blog, luck. 🙂 All of you, IF, HL, PR, and Sp, you are some of the kindest people, and excellent bloggers. I wish you the best of luck in everything.



Shrink Ray Island Re-Release!

Hello guys! 😀 I haven’t posted in, like, a million years.. (school… 😦 ) Anyways, as the title says, Shrink Ray has been re-released! The Creators have just announced this on their blog.

Those are just some wallpapers, which-of course, is printable.

And, here, the Creators describe Shrink Ray island.

A young genius has invented a ray gun that shrinks anything it touches – including you! But when the scientist and her invention go missing, you’ll have to keep the shrink ray from falling into the wrong hands, and find a way to bring yourself back to normal size. To solve a problem this big, you’ve got to think small!

Until next post, bye! 😀


Bye, for now

I’m taking a break from blogging for personal reasons I would rather not say.Thank you guys for viewing my blog, even if it’s not really the best. I am leaving it up to the editors and authors to make sure that this blog stays updated with the latest Poptropica news.  I will not say anything else about this, so goodbye!