Going Trick or Treating….

On the tenth of October, Icy Fox woke up to find  a pleasant surprise…. the Poptropica Store had not one, but two costumes that were brand new. Well technically they aren’t since the Creators goofed and released them too early one time even though no one could wear them but then removed them the next day, so they are definitely old.

One Egyptian Mummy costume and one Scarecrow costume. Here is what the mummy costume looks like on a poptropican.


It’s time to walk like an Egyptian… or go Trick or Treating. Whichever you prefer. But I’m doing neither…


It’s time to wait for the Great Pumpkin tonight while scaring all of the costumers inside the Flying Ace Cafe! Then steal all of the pumpkin pie and throw it at all the poptropicans who pass by, hiding behind this Pumpkin of course.

…But enough joking. Get these costumes in the store today. That is, if you plan on wearing them. Even though these costumes are customizable at the end of the haunted house mini-quest *cough cough* defeating the purpose of buying them.

Well that’s all for now, keep scaring people and stay ghostly!







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