Lockwood & Co. Ad

Hello, poptropicans! Things sure are getting spooky over at Poptropica!

Upon logging in, you will receive the “I Dare You To See Ghosts” Power. If you click on “I ain’t afraid”, it redirects you to Zomberry Island, where the advertisement may be. (for some) However, I managed to find it at Arabian Nights instead.

This is what the building looks like on the outside.



So, anyways, once you enter, talk to the first girl you see. Her name is Lucy, and she needs your help to find all three ghosts. She says that if you can help her, she will give you a skull in a jar. Wow, that’s the best she could come up with? Well, whatever. I guess I have no choice but to help Lucy Van Pelt.  Now, go upstairs and you will see a ghost in the mirror, which shatters into pieces after you click on it. You should also click on the rocking horse, because that’s a ghost too. Now come back down, and go past Anthony, and click on the tea, because that’s a ghost too. You will then be rewarded the skull in the jar. Well, that was simple, right?

If you use the Skull in the Jar, a jar will float above you. If you click on him, he will say something. Hey, this is actually pretty cool!



Although, his chatter is getting a bit annoying fast, because after the 2nd time hearing it I hit the mute button. It would be better if he said more things…

Well, that’s all for now, keep playing Poptropica and stay cool!




2 thoughts on “Lockwood & Co. Ad

  1. Hiya Icy! 😀 I’m currently in process of writing the Poptropolis Games guide,so,once it’s done,i’ll email it to you,but first,i’ll need to know your email 😉


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