Yes!Just as the title says,we’ve gotta hurry…But why? WHY?’Cause it’s the last,last day for you to achieve the Poptropica’s 7th Birthday Outfit,found inrandom common rooms —- but it all depends upon your luck!Don’t worry though,you’ll get it eventually,I got mine I guess about the day before yesterday — which was close to the last minute 😮 It’s easy,just find a blue balloon with a green ‘7’ print on it.

This also includes that the birthday balloon will have to say bye-bye to us in the Pop store, it’s free! 😀 Since it’s free,it wouldn’t require a hard work,I mean by earning credits xD.

Anyways,I found my balloon in the ‘Facili-Tee’ in the island,PoptropiCon(Ep 1).If you’ve found your balloon,where’d you get it? Just curious 😉 Anyways,here are a few snaps related to the subject:

Here’s what the boys’ costume looks like:

Here’s the girls’:

scrnshot 19

And here’s the free birthday balloon:


Now,it just takes a matter of patience,I hope that everyone who didn’t pop that balloon,get it ASAP 🙂 super sorry for those who didn’t get 😦 There’s always next year though 😉



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