New Ads!

Wow! There are a lot of ads in Poptropica.

Recently, while I was in Early Poptropica, I saw a new Disney Infinity ad. It’s a video ad, so all you have to do is click play and you will get your prize!


Wow! What a video game! 😀 Anyways, the best part, here is the prize! 😉


This cool card covers your screen in fantastic super heroes!

And we’re not done yet! More ads! 😀

There is a Mr. Peabody & Sherman ad, which I found on Steamworks Island.



To get this prize, you simply click on the ad! The prizes are a cake costume and a personality quiz which is optional to take if you visit the website.




And there is one more ad, yet again!


This ad, is for a new movie, called The BoxTrolls. To get your prize, enter the building.


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