My name is Happy Leopard!

Hi everyone! 😀 my name is Happy Leopard! My friend Icy Fox made me a author! Exciting huh? 🙂 I’ve played poptropica since I was in 2nd grade. I had a few lost accounts back then. But now, my account I’ll be using all the time is probably this one! I have a pretty cool outfit, don’t you think? 😀 I’ll be posting a lot, and writing some guides as well.

Well I have a blog too, but it’s not exactly ready yet. But if you see me in a common room, please add me. Well I guess this is all for today bye guys!

PS. here’s my user -> jesse27392



7 thoughts on “My name is Happy Leopard!

    • If you would like to be an author, then you should apple on the author’s page. 🙂 I think I have seen you on the PHC as well, so maybe you could contact Icy Fox and maybe work something out. 😀


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