Poptropica Comics, Site Renovation, and More!

Hey guys, its Brave Dolphin here! Ready to serve you up the best Poptropica updates I could possibly find today! So, let’s start off with this week’s Poptropica Comics. (Which is already at the 21st week! 😉 )

Here they are! Will Jorge and Oliver ever escape this chocolate catastrophe? Let’s check them out!

Hahaha, hilarious! Get it? Because of the laughing gas? Oh gosh, just take a joke.

Now onto site renovation. Recently, Captain Spencer was hired as co-owner. Discussing with IF and of course CS, I’ve seen what he has in store. He already has a few graphics in the making, a word of a Youtube Channel, and a brand new header! Who knows what’s in store for 2015? 😀

Here, have a hot dog! Oh wow, I’m so funny. I’ll see you guys later! Tally-ho!

BD and CS


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