A Wild Spencer Has Appeared!

Hey guys! It’s me, Spencer.  Icy Fox invited me to become an editor on this blog. I’ll be posting about updates, about Poptropica, and a few short stories here and there, as well as the updates on the PCB. I love to design grspencerspoptropicanportraitaphics and do basic HTML and javascript! I’m a boss at Sky Dive, Hoops, and Paint War, so be on the look outs for me in the common rooms! (and multiverses, for parties and such.) My Poptropica username is CaptainSpencer, and I live in the New York.  I’m 13 as of now, and but I’ll be 14 in Marchity March March. Thanks for reading my first post, I had fun writing it! 🙂 Please take some time to check out my Youtube Channel. Peace out, Poptropicans! woot


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