PoptropiCon and Poptropica’s Birthday!

Big news for non-members! PoptropiCon Episode 1-Line Forms Here, has been released for everyone today. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play, you can play it now by going to Poptropica and going to the island. (If you need help with the island, check out our Poptropicon Guide.) Also, Poptropica’s birthday is being celebrated. You can get a 7th birthday balloon for free in the Poptropica Store.


The Creators’ Blog also says that if you click a gold balloon, you may be able to win the 7th birthday outfit, but it doesn’t seem to be released to the common rooms yet. It seems they must have made a mistake. This post will be updated once I find the costume.

Update: The 7th birthday costume can be found if you go to the Soda Pop Shop common room and refresh the page multiple times until you see a balloon with the number 7 on it. Click on it, and you’ll receive the costume.

7thbirthday This is how the costume looks. 😀

That’s all for right now, keep playing Poptropica everyone!



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