Yes!Just as the title says,we’ve gotta hurry…But why? WHY?’Cause it’s the last,last day for you to achieve the Poptropica’s 7th Birthday Outfit,found inrandom common rooms —- but it all depends upon your luck!Don’t worry though,you’ll get it eventually,I got mine I guess about the day before yesterday — which was close to the last minute 😮 It’s easy,just find a blue balloon with a green ‘7’ print on it.

This also includes that the birthday balloon will have to say bye-bye to us in the Pop store, it’s free! 😀 Since it’s free,it wouldn’t require a hard work,I mean by earning credits xD.

Anyways,I found my balloon in the ‘Facili-Tee’ in the island,PoptropiCon(Ep 1).If you’ve found your balloon,where’d you get it? Just curious 😉 Anyways,here are a few snaps related to the subject:

Here’s what the boys’ costume looks like:

Here’s the girls’:

scrnshot 19

And here’s the free birthday balloon:


Now,it just takes a matter of patience,I hope that everyone who didn’t pop that balloon,get it ASAP 🙂 super sorry for those who didn’t get 😦 There’s always next year though 😉



New Ads!

Wow! There are a lot of ads in Poptropica.

Recently, while I was in Early Poptropica, I saw a new Disney Infinity ad. It’s a video ad, so all you have to do is click play and you will get your prize!


Wow! What a video game! 😀 Anyways, the best part, here is the prize! 😉


This cool card covers your screen in fantastic super heroes!

And we’re not done yet! More ads! 😀

There is a Mr. Peabody & Sherman ad, which I found on Steamworks Island.



To get this prize, you simply click on the ad! The prizes are a cake costume and a personality quiz which is optional to take if you visit the website.




And there is one more ad, yet again!


This ad, is for a new movie, called The BoxTrolls. To get your prize, enter the building.

My name is Happy Leopard!

Hi everyone! 😀 my name is Happy Leopard! My friend Icy Fox made me a author! Exciting huh? 🙂 I’ve played poptropica since I was in 2nd grade. I had a few lost accounts back then. But now, my account I’ll be using all the time is probably this one! I have a pretty cool outfit, don’t you think? 😀 I’ll be posting a lot, and writing some guides as well.

Well I have a blog too, but it’s not exactly ready yet. But if you see me in a common room, please add me. Well I guess this is all for today bye guys!

PS. here’s my user -> jesse27392


Poptropica Comics, Site Renovation, and More!

Hey guys, its Brave Dolphin here! Ready to serve you up the best Poptropica updates I could possibly find today! So, let’s start off with this week’s Poptropica Comics. (Which is already at the 21st week! 😉 )

Here they are! Will Jorge and Oliver ever escape this chocolate catastrophe? Let’s check them out!

Hahaha, hilarious! Get it? Because of the laughing gas? Oh gosh, just take a joke.

Now onto site renovation. Recently, Captain Spencer was hired as co-owner. Discussing with IF and of course CS, I’ve seen what he has in store. He already has a few graphics in the making, a word of a Youtube Channel, and a brand new header! Who knows what’s in store for 2015? 😀

Here, have a hot dog! Oh wow, I’m so funny. I’ll see you guys later! Tally-ho!

BD and CS

A Wild Spencer Has Appeared!

Hey guys! It’s me, Spencer.  Icy Fox invited me to become an editor on this blog. I’ll be posting about updates, about Poptropica, and a few short stories here and there, as well as the updates on the PCB. I love to design grspencerspoptropicanportraitaphics and do basic HTML and javascript! I’m a boss at Sky Dive, Hoops, and Paint War, so be on the look outs for me in the common rooms! (and multiverses, for parties and such.) My Poptropica username is CaptainSpencer, and I live in the New York.  I’m 13 as of now, and but I’ll be 14 in Marchity March March. Thanks for reading my first post, I had fun writing it! 🙂 Please take some time to check out my Youtube Channel. Peace out, Poptropicans! woot

PoptropiCon and Poptropica’s Birthday!

Big news for non-members! PoptropiCon Episode 1-Line Forms Here, has been released for everyone today. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play, you can play it now by going to Poptropica and going to the island. (If you need help with the island, check out our Poptropicon Guide.) Also, Poptropica’s birthday is being celebrated. You can get a 7th birthday balloon for free in the Poptropica Store.


The Creators’ Blog also says that if you click a gold balloon, you may be able to win the 7th birthday outfit, but it doesn’t seem to be released to the common rooms yet. It seems they must have made a mistake. This post will be updated once I find the costume.

Update: The 7th birthday costume can be found if you go to the Soda Pop Shop common room and refresh the page multiple times until you see a balloon with the number 7 on it. Click on it, and you’ll receive the costume.

7thbirthday This is how the costume looks. 😀

That’s all for right now, keep playing Poptropica everyone!