Hey! c;

Hi guys!I’m  Silly Pelican,the newest author on IFPB (Icy Fox’s Poptropica Blog).Probably you guys have seen me on Poptropica With Scary Plug(PWSP) and Fearless Rock’s Blog (FRB),so if you guys don’t know me,no worries,my introduction is posted down below 😉 SP

Hi,i’m Silly Pelican,known to everyone as ‘Sp’ 😉 So i’m a Poptropica addict,blogger and probably the internet surfer,who surfs every day on the internet 😛 I have a wild imagination,I always think”weiird” XD  I have a one year blogging experience,I started Poptropica in 2013,ever since then,Poptropica became my fave-o-licious game 🙄 Yeah,I have weird words 😛

Well…so that’s it? ❓ Yeah. 

Oh and another point to clarify,i’ll be really busy with school and stuff,so I’ll rather be inactive on the daytime,but hey,i’ll come on the evenings at my place 😛  But sadly on for an hour.

I’ll be coming on the ‘ends as well,but not positively sure :s Well,let’s just wait and see…



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