Poptropica Costume Contest!

The contest is now cancelled. Thanks anyway for your entries!

Hi guys! Lately, Icy Fox and I have been discussing making a contest! So now that we have gotten 500 views, we are going to have it! The contest is going to be a costume contest. Here are the rules:

  1. The limited amount of store items per costume is 2. (You can enter up to 2 costumes, but only 1 will count.)
  2. No using costumes that aren’t yours. The point of this costume is to show your creativity, so please, make your own costumes!
  3. Please don’t be angry if you don’t win. There will most likely be many great costumes, but, sadly we cannot make every entry a winner.
  4. Please note, the costumes will be judged on creativity, not how pretty they look. Try hard enough, and your entry will be great!
  5. Have fun! Don’t pressure yourself just to win. This is for fun, although there are prizes.

And yes, speaking of prizes, there are prizes! We wouldn’t make you make costumes without a prize! 😉 We are going to have cool accounts for all winners 1st-5th place. Along with that, your costume will be featured on the costumes page and you will be on the winners’ post. We will have 5 runner-ups after the five main winners. All you need to do to enter is comment below, saying, “I want to enter” and you will be entered! Then, please email your entry to icyfoxblog@gmail.com

Here are the prizes:

Here is the prize for 1st place (above)

Here is the prize for 2nd place (above)

This is the prize for 3rd place (above)

This is the prize for 4th place (above)

This is the prize for 5th place (above)

I hope you all like the prizes! If you can, please enter the contest! Even if you think you won’t do well, still, with hard work, you could win! We need several entries so that we can actually have the contest, so please, enter now!



24 thoughts on “Poptropica Costume Contest!

  1. Hey just asking,but can we share our costumes based on characters on shows? Since i’m making mabel 😛


    • Sure you can! 😀 But, please note that they won’t be judged on how much they resemble the character from the show, they will be judged on creativity, just like the other entries. 🙂


  2. Can I enter my Teenage Daughter Of Hades costume? I can leave a pic, and instructions if you would like. But it has more than 2 things from the store, cause it has the Rockstar 2 hair, the Rockstar 2 Star, and something else that I can’t remember 😛


      • Name: Teenage Daughter of Hades

        Creator: Nameless UnDEFiNed

        How to Create it: (150 Credits and Mythology Island completed required)

        1. Crown, Hair: Hades’s Crown (Mythology Island)
        2. Purple and Black bangs, star: Rockstar 2 (Store)
        3. Top, Skirt: Gothic Cheerleader (Store)
        4. Belt, Necklace: Goth girl (Astro-Knights Island, Ye Olde Rumor Mille)
        OPTIONAL: Equip the purple Electrify if you have it (Store)


  3. I would like to enter since I am rather creative with my outfits. I will post my entry here as well as within the contest’s email, just to be consistent.

    My Poptropicano’s name is Jumpy Coyote, but you can call her Jessey Coyote or just J.C. She is approximately 5 years old in-game, but her actual age would match mine.

    I created Jumpy Coyote in 2009, when I first became aware of the game due to the Funbrain Arcade’s advertising. To date I’ve explored, completed, and achieved 21 medals. For every island I create a unique outfit in the Photo Album, of which I will use 2 of them.

    Costume #1: http://prntscr.com/4krz5u (Lara Croft parody)
    How to Create it:
    Hair: Typical long brown female hair
    Bangs: Typical earrings
    Mouth: Purple lipstick from…some origin
    Shirt: Small shirt/bra from early islands
    Pants: purple skirt from Early Poptropica
    Accessory: I got the glasses from the Common Room(s)
    Handheld: Spear from Time Tangled Island, from PHB’s Friend Finder
    Back item: Staff from Common Room or special event
    Belt: Puch from Ad building or Friend Finder
    Optional: Purple Electrify from the Poptropica Store(250 credits or so)

    Costume #2: http://prntscr.com/4ks00n (Elf/Blacksmith)
    How to Create it:
    Hat: Elf hat from Ad building or Friend Finder
    Antlers: Raindeer Antlers from Ad building
    Mustache: Either Time Tangled Island, Mythology, or Friend Finder
    Mouth: Friend Finder, Costume Collector
    Shirt: Not quite sure
    Pants: Typical shorts
    Handheld: Friend Finder
    Back item: Leaf wings from fairies, Costume Collector, or some island
    Belt: Utility belt probably from 24 Carrot Island
    Optional: Green Electrify from the Poptropica Store(250 credits or so)


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