Multiverse Mondays! 8/11/14

Hi, I’m Icy Fox, and I’m here to introduce you to the first segment of:

MultiverseMondaysMultiverse Mondays!

What are Multiverse Mondays?: Where I meet friends in multiverses and battle/chat with them. And take lots of pictures and blog about it every week. There are 2-4 rooms I visit and post each Monday. Today however, I’ve only visited one.

Only Multiverse:

Who came: Young Hippo, Loud Bean, Grey Panda, Angry Carrot, Cool Octopus, Chilly Onion, Brave Dolphin, Incredible Flame, Serious Dragon, Grumpy Wolf,  and I were there. (Not all at the same time, of course.)

angrycarrotLooking good, Angry Carrot.

treeThe musical tree that makes everyone dance.

Plantedthetree(Planted by Chilly Onion.)

friendsThen, Brave Dolphin came to join the multiverse and we chatted. I asked her if she has eaten bubble gum under a desk, and she asked me if I was good at dodgeball.

gumI forgot Brave Dolphin’s response, unfortunately.

StuffOne of the reasons why I feel indifferent about dodgeball.

poptropicafunA few minutes later, she changed her outfit. Cool sword!

PhotoSay “How the heck did Binary Bard escape that orb!” I mean, cheese…

Soon, 2 more poptropicans joined the multiverse….

screenshotIncredible Flame in his totally random-but cool outfit.

dragonAnd Serious Dragon. By the way, nice shirt! It looks exactly like mine!

Soon, some of the others got tired of this multiverse and left.

partyThe remaining 8. (Including the follower and Brave Dolphin who is on top of a tree branch.)

foundyouFound you, Brave Dolphin!

After that, I got tired of staying in the multiverse, so I left. See you guys next Monday for a post filled with more multiverses! 😀

-Icy Fox

 UPDATE: Check out this fantastic new “Multiverse Mondays” picture!



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