A new editor coming through!

Hey awesome people (and viewers) of this blog and the person who made it all and most importantly, made me a well proud author of this blog *looks at the person who made foxes icy*! I am Bony Catfish, a new author of Icy Fox’s Poptropica Blog. This isn’t my first blogging experience, as I own a blog called Poptropica 411 and have worked on four other blogs (ie. PWSP, TPP, ATP, PAw). If you want to know about me,  you can read about me in my gravatar page or here:

Hello, awesome people. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my info on the internet, but my name starts with in I . I have an interest in urban legends and blogging. I learned that reading too much makes you have creepy visions and nightmares. I’m an otaku and also watch total drama. I’m a Topher and Cody fanatic (and a Eren Yeager one too 😉 ) and ship Tamey (TopherxSamey or SameyxTopher), CoCo (CodyxCourtney or CourtneyxCody), Leren (LevixEren or ErenxLevi), and Jelsa (JackxElsa or ElsaxJack). I played Poptropica since the beginning, but took a six month hiatus, so my Poptropican is 7 years old.

*audience reads, then boos* Well, sorry if I don’t sound interesting, but that’s me. This, however is my poptropican:

Yeah, I look nice, do I? Well, thank you. Okay, okay. So, there will be some new things from me (ie. stories, to name a few, etc). I hope to make this blog the AWESOMENESS it deserves. Thank you, Icy,  for making this happen, or else I wouldn’t be here.

– BC, listening to Eurovision and playing Poptropica

PS: I made the banner, which you will see soon here, but here’s a preview:



looks snazzy huh? I’m also going to make the logo. 😀


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