Boxtrolls Ad

Hello guys. It’s me, BC. So, there was been an ad lurking around the streets of Poptropica, promoting the movie “The Boxtrolls”, which comes out on September 26th.

(I’ll update this post with a pic when I get the time)

Yeh, apprently, it’s one of those ads on Poptropica where you watch the video/trailer and you earn a prize of some sort (nothing new, right?). Well, after watching the trailer, you earn the Egg’s Costume (I’m going to assume that’s the name of the boy… weird name). 

I guess that’s it for today

– BC


PoptropiCon out now!

(This came out almost 6 hours ago, and I’m the first person to post this XD )

Well, the day has finally come! The first episode of PoptropiCon, Line Forms Here, has been released! Only to members though. So to all you member folks, go play! Beware, some of the glitches will cause you to rip your hair out. Literally. Also, the final episode of Mission Atlantis, Out of the Blue, is now released to everybody. Annnnnd, Poptropica Lands now has a update, with animals. Here’s my rank for PoptropiCon, if you want to see:


My best yet!! 😀 Also, that was literally after almost 2 and a half hours. XD Also, check out that swaggy costume I’m wearing in the picture.

~Miss Muffin 

Something for everyone

So, you might’ve heard about the realease of PoptropiCon (which is TOMORROW) and Out of the Blue is for everyone. Well, there’s more news:

Thursday is the big day!

Thursday will be a huge day on Poptropica! We’re releasing so much new stuff, it’ll take a bulleted list just to cover it all. Here’s what’s happening:

Whew! Hopefully our servers don’t collapse under the load. We’ll let you know when all of these new features become available, so keep an eye right here!

avatar image

Oh, so Poptropica will be releasing a walkthrough, eh? Well, that’s new. It’ll be exciting to see a Creator finish an island, and more importantly, show us. You’ll find it tomorrow, in their YouTube channel. Well, I’ll be watching, will you? :3
– BC

Bony Catfish: I accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Okay, so when I was going on Poptropica (to complete some islands, you know, replay them), and I got this:


Yep, so I guess Poptropica just made the ALS Ice Bucket challenge more POP-ular than it is (get it, heh heh). So poptropica is really helping the als, 🙂 huh. I wanted to do it anyway (in Poptropica life; already did it in real life). So, I keep up with the summer flame, I went to Wimpy Boardwalk, to the beach, and voila, there you have it:



(Wow, my  Poptropican really didn’t feel cold at all huh o_O ). Oh, and get this: Some of the evilest (and most ironic) Poptropica villains even did it too (see below for pics).











Oh, and even Oliver and Jorge have catched it on too 😉

(You silly gooses!) Oh, and one more thing: remember, the card is For a Limited Time Only (it says it on the top :p ) so use it while you can. 

Anyway, cool ya later!

– BC


Hello, everyone, I hope you have all enjoyed your summer. 🙂 But, mine is about to end, on August 25th (same day as BC), which means school will start ( 😦 ) and I will be inactive. I will try to post every now and then, as much as I can, but, I may not post as much as I used to. I know many others are going to start school soon, so hopefully most of you will understand. I may be active a little more on the weekends (after homework and studying is done 😦 ), but the creator’s don’t post on weekends (besides a few exceptions) so I will most likely not post as much. That’s all for now, bye 🙂 

P.S. Labor Day weekend is coming up for me, which means I may be active for the rest of this next week, but after that, I am not sure.